Raising Money With no Jeans

Diego Reyna

In the beginning of the school year, students were introduced to Major Stampley, their new JROTC commandant, who made the new rules regarding jeans being allowed. This has brought questions to how fundraising is going to operate after Major Stampley stated that jeans will not be allowed even on civilian clothing days. This causes a problem due to the fact that most of the fundraising has always been from students who want to get out of uniform to wear jeans.

“The good thing about jean day was the fact that students just want to get out of uniform and jeans are pretty comfortable in comparison to our JROTC uniform,” said senior Veronica Perez.

Jean day has helped get program supplies; for example, the cords for graduation or trips for students. The journalism team uses the money to get the yearbooks and it allows them to continue with their program.

While helping to pay for some of the clubs expenses, jean day is also a great way for students to wear whatever they want and be comfortable. For example, students can wear joggers or jeans as well as allowing the students to get out of the uniform that is worn for most of the year.