Elizabeth Sotelo



5+1=20 is a program that has helped Phoenix in many ways especially with service learning hours. This program brought a great opportunity for seniors who are at least interested in politics.

Seniors were given the opportunity to have election worker jobs. This job is basically working the polls, that is taking place November 8, and assisting people who needed help registering to vote. Students who wanted to participate in this event were required to apply on Sunday October 16 2016 at 2242 S Damen Ave at 11:00am.

Most of the Seniors actually took this opportunity to earn extra money. They say that it was a long procedure for them.

“They made us sign in and we had an orientation for like an hour,” said Senior Mayra Barrios.

Many of the seniors say that this will benefit them in one way or another.
“I will be able to meet my neighbors, not only that but the payment I receive from this I will be able to pay some of my school fees,” said Barrios.

They’re not only interested in the money but also in people’s opinion.

“I want to see my neighbor’s opinion on both candidates, this will be very exciting to hear,” said Barrios.

Not only did this program provides us with service learning hours but also witt job opportunities that will bring us closer to our communities.