Unfair Attendance

By: Bryan Sanchez

SenImage result for cps attendanceior Edna Gonzalez was called down to the library to talk to one of the administrator at Phoenix Military Academy. She was introduced to the shocking fact that in order to graduate, she owes three days of school to the Chicago Public School Board because she has been late too many times.

“How do I owe this much time? I know I have been late a few times but not so much that it accumulates to 3 days,” said Gonzalez.

The school’s librarian and senior adviser, Mrs. Tobias, has  been informed by higher authorities that if a student does not enter school before 7:00am, she is late.  Physically, it is impossible for a PMA cadet to enter the building before 7am when the doors open at 7am, let alone the huge line and people who cut the line.

Students have asked PMA’s Athletic Director, Mr. Paris, and senior JROTC instructor, Sgt. Walker, ways they can get in the building faster. One example would be to open another entrance that allows juniors and seniors, rather than one entrance that’s overly crowded.

“We do it our way. You don’t like it, oh well!” said Mr. Paris.

Student tried to talk to some staff but it doesn’t helped, so they turned to teachers.

“We good, we know this, we got this!” said Sgt. Walker.

It appears as if they don’t even know what’s going on with attendance and how it works.

“We need plans to fix this. Our staff needs to open doors a little earlier. However, the students are the ones who should really be talking about this,” said Mrs. Tobias.

In order to fix this mess, PMA students must come together and come up with an idea to fix this. One idea  is to open the doors much earlier. For some students, the commute to school is over an hour long  then they have to wait in a huge line to still be considered late.