The National Museum of Mexican Art

This weekend I went to the Mexican Art Museum to see one of their new to traditional art exhibits that the museum has. This time the museum did an exhibit on the Day of the Dead. The museum was free and you have unlimited amounts of people you could’ve bring.

Around this time of the year the museum does a type of exhibit which is called the  Dia de los Muertos: Love never dies Masquerade and  was dedicated for the Day of the Dead and displays the Latin American tradition on how we honor and respect our loved one.

Not only was it a general exhibit of the Day of the Dead but it was also dedicated to very important people in our lives and the  lives of others for.

Some of the people honored in the exhibit were Cesar Chavez, and  a tribute party to Juan Gabriel entitled ‘El Noa Noa’ because of the song and the club he had once performed in when he was young.

The Day of the Dead what not all that was displayed they also had an art gallery of the life her in America and the way that we perceive it and the way it really is. It was really amazing to see some of the cruel and hard reality that some people have to go through in order to try to have a better life.  

Overall it would rate the  museum as a 4  out of 5 stars just because inside of the museum they do not let anyone use flash cameras. They also did not allow any videos to be taken. I would understand if they wanted to preserve the artwork, but it was a little dark inside and it was hard to take a picture of some of the artwork without having the flash on your phone.