Meet Esteban Pinto

Valentin Fernandez

The quietest kids often have the best stories and most exciting lives. Throughout all four years that Esteban Pinto has been at Phoenix Military Academy he has been known for being one of the most introverted cadets. While he might be known for being shy, he has a lot of great stories that most of us will enjoy.
Esteban has been attending Phoenix Military Academy since 2013. Esteban is now a senior and is considered one of the most quietest cadets at PMA. Esteban has been called the quietest kid by multiple teachers because he isn’t loud in class. Even though Esteban has been a quiet cadet, he has plenty of skills since the day he walked into Phoenix.
“I can flip a tortilla with my hand and not burn myself,” said Pinto.
Even while Esteban is a quiet person there is a lot of people who love his personality and love to be around him. His personality sends out a positive vibe because he is always in a good mood. He has even been the center of attention during Journalism class his junior year.
“Esteban is a cool person, he is that one quiet kid so we had to mess with him and he said his name funny so we started mocking him and next thing you know we came up with a whole song for him. I think that made him feel good but people should get to know him because even though he is quiet he is really funny and he doesn’t start problems,”said senior Donecia Blount.