What to Expect from Senior Year

Lesley Delgado

Senior year is full of excitements, yet it comes with a lot of responsibilities.

Senior Aaron Ferguson from Phoenix Military Academy have been searching for scholarships and been applying to colleges and Mrs. Fairchild has been a big part in the process.

Ferguson is involved in many extra activities after school,  but it can be a challenge at points to manage colleges app, scholarships, and extra activities.

I participate in ASM and Cross country. They both require long hours and it’s hard for me to get my college things done during the week. I usually use some of the free time I have over the weekend to complete college information,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson’s main priority is applying for scholarships because he is hoping to attend a four year college, but is worry that he would not be able to paid for it.

“My main priority right now is scholarships. My goal is to go to a university and I can’t do that if I don’t have any money, so I really need these scholarships to pay off tuition,” said Ferguson.  

Mrs. Fairchild enjoys helping the seniors prepare for their future but she also has many expectations for the them as well.

“Well I expect seniors to follow deadlines and follow the senior contact and I expect them to ask questions when need it and have a fun year,” said Mrs. Fairchild.  

Mrs. Fairchild appreciates the teacher for mentoring the seniors, she feels that is helping the school as a whole and helping her to prepared all 116 seniors to apply to colleges and scholarships.

“ Is helping the school as a whole understand what are the goals school, it’s like they are growing their seed and seeing the process once they graduated,” said Mrs. Fairchild.