Those Black Kids

Kayla Webster

Out of the 520 students in Phoenix Military Academy only 25% are Black. A small group of  Black PMA students have banded together to start Phoenix’s very first Black Student Union.

The group consists of Juniors Terena Clemons, Tiarra Fearon, Kayla Webster, Kevon Jones, Matthew Reddix, Shania Smith, and Devonte Thompson, along with Sophomore Eddie Fox Commings. The group is assisted by Chemistry teacher Mr. Bernthal and counseling intern Mr. Gaetjens.

“Statistically, Black students at PMA are involved in behavioral discipline more frequently than Latinos at PMA and academically Black students have lower grades than Latinos.  Some may draw the false conclusion that this is an indication that there’s an inherent problem or inferiority with African Americans as a group.  I do not believe that ”, said Bernthal.

The purpose of the BSU is to create a safe space for black students in order for them to thrive academically and socially. But the group is not just exclusive to black students.

The club isn’t directly exclusive for black students. We want to attract Black students but anyone is welcome,”said Jones.

The club wants to talk about social issues, host forums open to the entire student body, and perhaps have a stepping team.

The club is a Black Student Union, but they call themselves “Those Black Kids” to set specific name for themselves. They meet every Wednesday in room 231 from 2:45- 3:30.