Teachers Mentoring Firebirds


Joselyn Valerio

Teachers Mentoring Firebirds

By: Joselyn Valerio

During the Month of October, Phoenix began a mentoring program where teachers now mentor about two to three seniors. In every meeting that the mentors and mentees have, they have goals to set up or achieve. Seniors meet with their mentor once a month and keep them updated with their progress on scholarships, financial aid, and college applications.

This program is helpful for those students who do not already have mentors in programs such as Launch U, Bottom line, and Chicago Scholars. Seniors get to receive that extra help toward their path to college from their teachers besides the counselors Mrs. fairchild and Mrs. Martz.

“I have Sgt. Powell as my mentor. I haven’t received that much guidance on college besides from the counselors, and now I’m grateful that I can rely on someone to help me on everything,” said senior Esteban Pinto.

The mentoring program does not only provide help for seniors, but also establishes a relationship between the teachers and seniors. Many students got mentors that they never had before or think they would talk to about their future.

“I thought I was going to be paired up with Sgt. Villarreal or Mr. Waller, instead to get Mr.Wip was unexpected. I was intimidated because I had the principal, but once I got to know him a bit more I found out he’s cool. He told us about his trips to foreign countries which was interesting to me. During our second meet he bought myself, Jacqueline Valadez and  Joselyn Valerio tacos.We even have a contest where we win 20 bucks” said Senior Jose Zavala.

Seniors look forward to receiving all the help possible from their teachers, especially since many deadlines for college applications and scholarships are approaching. Seniors will now have someone they can count on to help them lead to success.