Smite: Battle of the Gods

Smite: Battle of the Gods

Daniel Castanon

The initial release of Smite was March 25, 2014. Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Hi-rez studios for Microsoft windows. This game is  available for Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One.

Smite is an intense game of gods battling each other. The game offers multiple gods with different powers and abilities. Five games are only available that include Assault, Joust, Arena, and conquest. Gods are either a mage, warrior, hunter, guardian, or assassin. These 5 categories are then divided into sub-categories. Each god can either be Japanese, Hindu, Mayan, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse, or Chinese.

A mage is a magical god who can deal high amounts of damage with their powers but have low health. A warrior is usually melee that has great mobility and has the ability to create a good amount of damage. A hunter is a physical god with good mobility and can deal high damage with their basic attacks. A Guardian is a magical God with high crowd control and can absorb a lot of damage. An Assassin is usually melee who is capable of ambushing enemy gods.

The game is still living up to its hype even if it has been two years from the release date. The game is still being played by thousands of players. Updates are still being added on so it can attract new players. New Gods and challenges are being added to improve gods and to further enhance the player’s experience.

The graphics aren’t that good and so far there hasn’t been an update to enhance the graphics, but that doesn’t matter because the game is unique and the graphics don’t affect the player’s experience. I rate this game 5 out 5 stars.