Russ is the wave. Nah. Russ the tsunami


Elizabeth Sotelo

Russ is a rapper from Atlanta, he started to share his music in Sound Cloud. He received very good comments about his music. As time passed he started to get popular and started to do tours around the US.

His first concert in Chicago took place in The Promontory, on July 21st. Russ’s most recent tour “Yung God Tour” took place in Chicago on Sunday October 30th  at Bottom Lounge. According to Russ himself he said that he sold out and it sure seemed like it since Bottom Lounge was packed.

Russ has very good music. I was  able to attend both concerts and I took the liberty of  talking to some fans.

One fan said he’s not big yet but how good his music is now, he’ll be at the very top while he was waiting in line to go inside to Russ concert.

Here comes another good white rapper just like Eminem said another fan.

Many fans were hyped at this concert singing their souls out with Russ. You could  hear all the fans screaming “Russ is the wave. Nah. Russ the tsunami!”

Russ has many fans following him around. He started in Sound Cloud and look at him now doing tours, for sure he’ll make it  really big one day.