Phoenix to Paraguay

By; Lesly Alvarez

Over the years, students from Phoenix Military Academy have always wanted to travel during  the summsamfer, whether it has been going on Outward Bound trips, visiting a relative out of town, or simply visiting a college they’ve always wanted to travel to. This year, one student in particular, senior Samuel Ferguson, was able to go to Paraguay.

Ferguson, mostly recently known as the Battalion Commander at PMA, was able to spend six weeks of his summer in Paraguay. Ferguson was able to experience Latino culture and learn a different language.

“My opportunity to go to Paraguay was offered by Kappa and they influenced me to apply. I started to learn Spanish while I was attending a daily three hour class at the Emerson Program. When I came back to Chicago I started speaking to my friends in Spanish because most of my friends are Spanish speakers and I wanted to put my practice into play,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson was able to experience many activities in Paraguay that were different to those that could be found in the United States.

“During my stay at Paraguay, I was able to do activities such as boat ride and climb mountains to enjoy the beautiful view at the top. One of my favorite memories was zip lining from high up the mountains,” said Ferguson.

Ferguson’s trip to Paraguay could be described as a one in a lifetime experience. He hopes to be able to visit Paraguay again someday and hopefully visit other countries as well.