Let’s Go Cheerleaders


Donecia Blount

Let’s Go Cheerleaders

By: Donecia Blount

This year’s cheerleading team experienced multiple challenges with the fact that they didn’t have a coach. This school year the cheerleading team has been through quite a lot over the past two months. Compared to last years team some people may say that the cheerleaders have lowered their standards.

The cheerleaders had two certified coaches that were also apart of a competition team located on the south side at one of their other schools. Due to some uncertain reason the coaches could not return for this years team leaving our squad without proper readiness for the football season, Prep rally,  and basketball season.

Senior Mariana Martinez Tellez , who has been apart of the team since her Junior year strongly feels that continuing the season without a coach is not fair and will be very challenging.

“ The Captains should start being a little more assertive towards the team to fill in that structure that we don’t have from not having certified coaches,” said Martinez

When asked about her opinion on the issue Major Stampley, the school’s commandant, mentions that the cheerleaders should improve their attitudes so that they could bring positive change to the school.

“ The cheerleaders should be the divas of the school, y’all should be the ones taking charge and hosting events, keeping the school lifted,”

When asked about the Cheerleaders going to competition without the coach she disagrees with that idea because from being a former cheerleader she knows it is hard work and we need the proper training and assistance.