Kicking It With Mr. Edwards

By: Kayla Webster

We all know that Mr. Edwards is the sophomore English teacher and Debate coach, but it is not widely known that he is a kick butt Karate master as well. Mr. Edwards has been coaching students in martial arts for quite some time now.

For the last few years Edwards has been seen around school with a select group of students wearing workout gear.

“Yes, It’s a Martial Arts club. Black Belts come in to assess students for rank and assess them for accomplishments,” said Edwards.

The club consists of four boys that practice with Edwards in the wrestling studio on the Marines side of the school. The boys have not competed in any competitions or won any awards for their efforts.

“We talked about it but haven’t got that far. I train them for it. Kelly has a Martial Arts program but we haven’t gone against them,” said Edwards.

Edwards also coaches the Debate team but, he balances the two.

“Debate Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Martial Arts on Wednesday,” said Edwards.

The Martial Arts club is not well known because Edwards does not advertise it and likes to keep his group small.

“I keep the class small on purpose. What we do in practice could hurt somebody,” said Edwards.

Edwards has been studying Martial Arts for 11 years and feels that this club is important for the young men.

“It’s important for young people to learn how to defend themselves in this day in age,”said Edwards.