Joining Conservation Club?

Haidy Delgado

Conservation Club, or C3 for short, is one of the many clubs that Phoenix offers. The club was first started by Dr. Jaji a few years ago. Conservation Club is a group that not only tries to help the school and community be more environmentally friendly, but offers service learning hours to members.

Many of the members of C3 joined the club for some unexpected reasons.Senior Yvonne Flores joined in her sophomore year to contribute her artistic talents.

“I wanted to help my friends bring back a club that didn’t run for a whole year, I believe. I thought that I would be able to contribute artistically for the projects,” aid Flores.

Conservation club has had many accomplishments, especially the past few years. They have given a school wide presentation on how we were all given a chance to actually make an environmental impact and get a better understanding of what conversation was really about, showcased artwork made out of recycled items, and even participated in the No Barriers.

Many of the members, like senior Brahim Aich, enjoy the fact that C3 works well with their busy schedule.

“It is one of the clubs that allows cadets to actually have fun and be flexible with their schedule, which is important to me because I am always busy with school work and other after school activities,” said Aich.

Conservation club was made with the intention of helping the school become more environmentally friendly, but it has grown over the years to also impact the community. The members are happy to have created bonds with one another, all while earning service learning hours.