Veronica Perez

Inferno Review

By: Veronica Perez

This weekend I went to go see Inferno, the movie directed by Ron Howard, who is a well known director from his  former films Angels, Demons, and the DaVinci Code. Overall, the film would probably deserve a 4 out of 5 just because the idea of the film was good but it was not the best work that the director has done.

While watching the film, I was very confused at certain parts because there were so many plot twists. If you have not seen the films the DaVinci Code or any of his other various films, that is fine because the film has nothing to do with either of them.  

The film takes place in Italy, and it’s about a character called Langdon who was played by Tom Hanks. He wakes up in an Italian hospital with amnesia. He tries to stop the world from going into a worldwide pandemic which would wipe out half the world’s population in a week. While he is doing this he is also trying to regain his memory.

The film had a lot of thrilling scenes. There is also a lot of killing. For the people whole like a little bit of thrill, this film is something you would see to entertain yourself. There is a plot twist throughout the whole film as well, which is why the film can be a little confusing at some points for some viewers.

Overall, it was an entertaining film. If you just want to watch something on a boring day, this is the movie to watch. However, if you want to see something  more than a regular action film, this is not really the best film.