Honey Trap


Yareli Soto

Honeytrap is directed and written by Rebecca Johnson. This movie was released in theaters on September 22, 2016. It is a drama that was inspired by a real life scenario that had to do with murder and love. This bland film was primarily very exciting, towards the ending, it was very intense, but ended without any further consequences on Layla for what she was involved with.

The beginning of Honeytrap was very intense for me. I figured that this film would have been on my five star radar, but the ending made me say otherwise. Since it was inspired by the case, I thought it was going to end with  the results of the case. To me if  the results of the case where it included in the film it  would have made it a lot better.

The film’s main actress is Jessica Sula, known as Layla in the film. Her role overall all was to lure one of her admirers into a trap set by gang members. The film begins with Layla arriving in London. In order to feel accepted into her new school, she contends to change who she is as a person. She is very timid at first, from feeling neglected by  her mother and feeling alone. Layla is then lured into a gang when she meets a gang member that goes by the name of Troy. Layla suddenly becomes a simple sex object to Troy and she tries to make him jealous by being friends with one of his enemies, Shaun. As the film goes on, Layla is advised by Troy to set up Shaun to have a physical encounter with him, after Layla accomplishes her task of making him jealous.

Honeytrap’s goal was to show that machismo that a male can use to lure woman into doing what he pleases. Layla was lured into doing something she didn’t want to just so that she could feel accepted. This film also portrays how one will go to the extreme in order to be accepted.

Although the movie was based on a true story that was inspired by the “Honey Trap Case,” I thought the ending would have reached  a wider perspective to the consequences that the character faced for what the gang members, and her, had done. I give it a 3 out of 5.