Halloween Is A Crime Magnet


Eduardo Brito

Halloween Is A Crime Magnet

By: Eduardo Brito

Today in society, we are faced with a lot of violence and crime issues around major cities. Halloween is the day people see as the “purge” day where crimes could be committed and will suffer no consequences, due to the fact that their faces are covered making it harder to get tracked down.

It has come to the conclusion that Halloween is no longer safe for kids to go trick or treating after a certain time.

For many, Halloween is a fun day where you are allowed to dress up and have an enjoyable night, however; for others their perspective of an “enjoyable night” is completely different from ours.

These people have forgotten the real meaning behind halloween where it’s a day for kids to go out and get free candy for simply dressing up. Now, Halloween has become a day where teens want to damage property, or steal from one another.

If you have ever been out on halloween and gone trick or treating, you know that halloween has always been a day where people decide to do dumb stuff. Today, it has reached a point where Halloween is the day to do dumb stuff instead of spending it with family and friends and having fun going around the neighborhood asking for candy.

In Chicago, Halloween weekend was announced the most deadliest one of the year. Listing 17 deaths and 41 wounded in just 3 days, 4 of them being teenagers.

Halloween should not be an excuse to commit crime and risk or take the life of those who are completely innocent and are just enjoying a day with their family.

How would you feel if you found out one of your family members or closest friend was hurt or killed , simply for being in the wrong place at the wrong time? Halloween has to change back to before where it was just an enjoyable night to spend with your family and friends without having to worry about anything.