Get The Fall Look!

Get The Fall Look!

Joselyn Valerio

Last year,  Morphe released the Morphe 35o palette. This palette contains color from brown to sunset colors. Furthermore, the palette contains both matte and shimmer shades. This palette is said to blend smoothly and have nice transitions for a look.

I bought this palette like a month ago. My first impression of the palette was the size of the eyeshadows. To me, their size were fair. Some palettes contain eyeshadows the size of nickel, but this one was the size of a quarter. The eyeshadows were very pigmented, and when purchasing an eyeshadow palette it is important that the eyeshadows have pigmentation.

When I did a look using the eyeshadow palette, the colors blended beautifully. However; when I wanted to apply some shimmer to my eyelid there was a lot of fallout and it did not apply as creamy as one would want it

The Morphe 35o is $22.99. The price is fair for that the palette has to offer and achieve. This palette is highly used for fall, but it does not mean that you can’t use it everyday. This works as a nude palette as well.

Overall, I would rate this palette 4 out of 5.