Football Season is Saved

Tarvaris Robinson

Senior football players almost witness their last season come to an early end.This year all of CPS’ football teams almost witnessed their last season for the year which caused most seniors to worry because, they didn’t want to end the season so early.When ask the question How did you feel when you were told that if the teachers go on strike the season would end? Senior Santone Hicks at Phoenix Military Academy stated “I didn’t really panic about it. I had a little faith.” Hicks`s faith paid off mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Sunday that both cps and the teachers union had made a brief agreement and that school would continue the next day.Football and Basketball season are the most hyped times of year because, our school embrace the season and help cheer our teams on with pride weather we win or lose.

When asked the question Why is football life? Hicks`s response was “Sometimes I feel football is life because I see it as a way out. It is a fun sport to play and I set high expectations whenever i strap up.” I found it amazing that Hicks set higher expectations every time he played.Most players try to be better than their fellow players on the team but, Hicks set his on expectations and try to be better than he was yesterday.”This season we won 5 games and lost 4”As a senior this is Santone`s last season so i asked him How do you feel about this being your last season on the football team at phoenix?”I feel that my last season of football was amazing. I am proud of my team and all that we’ve accomplished this year.”We are losing one of the best players on the defensive and offensive line player in History.After this season Hicks will play football in college hopping to make it to pro and go to the NFL.