American Horror Story Season 5

Destiny Taylor

The latest season of American Horror Story is set in a Los Angeles hotel named the Cortez. In the show the hotel  is owned by Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is portrayed as a bloodsucking fashionista. The plot centers around the mysterious Hotel Cortez which catches the eye of homicide detective John Lowe. If you watch American Horror Story you would know season five is similar to season one “Murder House” in which majority of the people in the house were dead, just like at the Cortez most people check in never check out. Once you die there, your soul remains there forever. The hotel is haunted by demons and mysterious ghosts including the founder James Patrick March. This season features two murderous threats one which is the 10 Commandments killer, who selects his victims by biblical teachings and the addiction demon who roams the halls of the hotel with a drill for those who lust.

As the season unfolds so does the identity of each soul trapped at the Cortez. The present and past stories of the hotel are connected with the present tales of Detective Lowe. As the season unfolds it is shown that Lowe is actually the 10 Commandments killer, he is manipulated by James Patrick March’s ghost to finish where James left off before he committed suicide. It is revealed that certain past events including the disappearance of Detective Lowe’s son is all tangled in the mysterious Hotel Cortez.

I give this show a 5 out of 5. It can be very confusing and might require some research when starting to watch but I do recommend this show to my peers. All 5 Seasons are on Netflix.