A wrongdoing that made a positive realization

Sammy Ortega

It has been almost a year since the day senior Daniel Castanon ditched school in a very different way. He claims that what he was doing was not ditching. Castanon said that his only interest was to go to the store and come back.

“It was in the spur of the moment,” said Castanon.

He didn’t really think through his plan. The consequences were none of his concern at the moment, so he took the most obvious route to get outside of school grounds, which was the entrance gate.

“We thought that anything other than jumping the gate would take too much time,” said Castanon.

Castanon ran into the corner store on Western and Adams and someone quickly suggested that he fake an asthma attack so he wouldn’t get in trouble.

“The security guard was looking through the gate at the store and we waited for 20 minutes and I laid by the wall and started hyperventilating,” said Castanon.

They brought the nurse running. 1SG Powell did not come and found it shocking that a Phoenix cadet would ditch school and think they would get away with it.

“We went to Ms. Tristano’s office and I had to do an agreement months before saying that if I were to ditch class my mom had to come with me in every class and I was suspended two days after the ACT,” said Castanon.

Castanon explained that the suspension had no effect on him. He mentioned what made him realize he was not behaving like a young adult was 1SG. Powell’s uniform punishment. Castanon was instructed to wear only the class “b” uniform for the whole year. It made him embarrassed because everyone was reminded about what he did since his mistakes reflected on his uniform.

The idea of wearing the uniform all year was not created for Cadets to not want to wear it ever again. Wearing the uniform is more than a punishment it is a reminder that we are part of something bigger than us.