A New Firebird

Wendy Nunez


Joshua Cross has been teaching at Phoenix Military Academy for over a month because he wanted to provide students with a better understanding of math.

Although Phoenix might be Level 1 Plus, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have its flaws. Everything could always use some improvements in order to create a better surrounding for everyone.

“I prefer to have smaller classes because it is much easier for me to have one-on-one interactions with each of my students, and that’ll help me understand what each of them are having trouble with,” said Mr. Cross

Mr. Cross has been to a couple of schools where he has taught math multiple times. He has observed how each school works and how they differentiate from one another. However, this is his first time teaching at a military school.

“I have attended a variety of schools, both charter and public, but this is my first time teaching at a military school. Phoenix has more school spirit than the last school I attended, and the uniforms of a military school are nice to see,” said Cross.

Just like it is a new transition for Mr. Cross, it is new for many students at PMA. Throughout the recent years, students were close to the math teachers that they had once or twice, and it would be nice to know how they feel about Mr. Cross.

“Mr. Cross is a cool guy. He has actually helped me improve a lot on my math skills. Although he teaches differently from my past math teachers, he makes sure that we are not left behind,” said senior Jace Hunter.