There is No Halloween Without A Pumpkin

Wendy Nunez

Halloween is known for fun and scary costumes, haunted houses, free candy, and of course pumpkins. Without pumpkins there is not much meaning to Halloween. That is why there is a place where people can go and buy or even win pumpkins to decorate their house, and that is none other than a pumpkin patch.
One great pumpkin patch where the entire family can attend and have a fun time is Bengtson’s Pumpkin Farm, located at 13341 W 151st St, Homer Glen
Bengtson’s Farm has many activities that the public will definitely enjoy. For example, there are rides, a tour around the farm in a tractor, a petting zoo, pon and camel rides, rides for all ages, and a pig race. There are endless things to do at the farm, so that is why people will never hear the words “I’m bored” or “I just wanna go home” because no one wants to leave such a place like that. I had the opportunity to pet and feed the animals at the farm and besides them being adorable they were nice and well-mannered. The thing I found really great at Bengtson’s Farm is that the rides are totally free. There are many other places where you have to pay in order to get on the rides. I went on the ride called the “Fun Slide” and the title is not lying when it says “Fun.” I also took a tour around the farm in a tractor, which is also free, in the middle of the ride there is a man who shoots a pumpkin out of a cannon into the lake. In the end I can guarantee that no one will leave unhappy from Bengtson’s Farm. It is a nice way to spend time with your family. It will surely make you love pumpkins even more if you already don’t.