Bad Girls Club

Angelica Risper


The American Reality Television show Bad girls club, created by Jonathan Murray, has been on for 16 seasons. The show was originally released on December 5, 2006, and is still on until this day. The reality show takes place in different cities each season. The show focuses on the altercations and the very physical fights between the eight girls. The eight girls are very aggressive, confrontational, and wild women. Each of the women tend to have psychological and behavioral problems.

All of the eight woman come from different backgrounds and have different personalities. The show picks eight women from different cities and states, age range from 21-31.  The woman are brought together to live in a big luxurious mansion for three months, and they have to follow very simple rules. If a cast member violates production rules, she is evicted from the show and, if it is early in the season, replaced by a new cast member.

Basically, they have to just last until the final episode without being kicked off. That can also be extremely hard, when you’re living with females that also think they’re the“baddest chick” and plus you have never met before.

I recommend this show for anyone who likes violence and like seeing people getting into fights on camera. This show is rated R, so make sure you ask your parents for permission. I give this reality show a 4/5 of the fact it is very entertaining but, at times it can really get repetitive.