After School Matters

Jose Zavala

The impact that After School Matters (ASM) has on students is that they become more better students.This organization helps students understand the responsibility they are going to have if you want to have a job.
After school matters has different programs such as Sports, Art, Communication, Science, and technology. The majority of PMA students are in ASM art, which seems to be everyone’s favorite because the program is still at PMA.
Students learn how to get along with other people, or how to have patience while drawing. Haidy Delgado and Mariana Martinez both joined ASM for the fall this school year.
“I learned that you have to know how to work well with others and sometimes there are things that you don’t want to, but you have to learn how to get used of it as if it was an actual job,” said Senior Mariana Martinez
Some students also join ASM to get a head start on their portfolio for AP Art. This helps them by giving them more time during the summer to get a head start giving them more time during the school year focused on one art piece at a time.
“I hope to complete half of my AP portfolio before the program ends,” Said Senior Haidy Delgado. For Delgado, she’s been apart of the program her sophomore year and currently her senior year.
Delgado plans to have a minor in art while Martinez said she just doing it for the “experience”. Both do recommend the ASM Art program to other students.
“Yes, it’s a lot of fun and the payment is pretty decent. It will be the easiest job you’ll ever get. I used to think that I knew how to draw until I got in the program and people drew better than me,” said Senior Martinez.
Many of the freshman do not know what ASM until they are told by an upper classmen. Most freshmen who are in the program only find out though brothers or sisters or upperclassmen who want them to join. They make announcements throughout the beginning of the school year to recruit.