More Opportunities For Firebirds

More Opportunities For Firebirds

Eduardo Brito

Lucky Firebirds continue to get offered many opportunities that could impact their lives forever for continuing their hard work.  

Juniors have been fortunate enough to work together with IMentor and get an opportunity to get help and assistance throughout their school year. Also, IMentor helps  prepare them for college and accomplishing their goals.

“Having a mentor helps me plan my future and really makes me feel comfortable knowing I have someone walking me through it and allowing me to be as successful as I possibly can,” said junior Steven Monroy.

IMentors partner with high schools in low-income communities where a majority of students will be first-generation college graduates. IMentor offers a mentoring program to help students graduate high school, succeed in college, and achieve their ambitions.

“I knew I was coming to a good school, but I never expected to have such opportunities. I’m glad I am at a school where I actually matter,” said Monroy.

While Phoenix continues to offer all their cadets opportunities that will take them a step closer reaching their goals, cadets continue to take advantage of such opportunities and make the best out of it.

“I feel great knowing that I have my schools support which will guide me through the college process and get me closer to reaching my goals. I’m happy that I have opportunities that many others don’t get,” said junior Yamid Juarez

As Phoenix continues to rise to the top, being ranked number 8 in state, there are no limits for these Firebirds. Continuing to be the best of the best, Phoenix Cadets will now have all the support they need throughout their academic life at Phoenix.

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