Study, Work, Repeat

Study, Work, Repeat

Kiara Balleza

Isn’t it exhausting to test all day? Cadets come out at 1:12 during midterms and finals, but after school they are  all finishing study guides for the next test and  doing late work. The time is ticking ladies and gents, the stress is almost over.

“ I was sort of scared about the finals, I thought I was going to do pretty bad on it, but at the same time, I also felt prepared and tried to look at the bright side of things,at least I was coming out a 1:12 to relax,” said freshman Saul Jimenez.

During schooldays and weekends, students are prioritize to studying and doing work for other classes at the same time, how can they do it in such a stressful period of time?

“I tend to pull all nighters, only because it helps me to keep everything fresh. Usually the next day, I just have some coffee to help me stay awake and focus in class,” said sophomore Jacqueline Ortiz.

In most cases, students  sometimes find testing to be beneficial, other times, not so much. Depending on what their test scores are, would it help any student in need?

“ I believe finals are used to see what the student has learned, and for that it allows me to see what I can improve on. These tests are beneficial those with A/B grades, and can also benefit those in the below average grade too,” said Ortiz.

When in doubt, finals are meant to see how much students have learned over the course of school, but is cramming and apathy really worth taking another exam once again?