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Scream! Cry! Run!

Scream! Cry! Run!

People prepared themselves for the memorable nights of terrifying haunted mazes, roaming zombies and spooky shows. They even added some elements to their roller coasters by turning off the lights, leaving riders to face their fears in the dark. This event is called the Six Flags Fright Fest. “Fright Fest is a fantastic Halloween-themed event that is held at Six Flags annually with various haunted attractions, themed ‘Scare Zones’, and live entertainment”.  

This event started in 1989 at the Six Flags in Texas and eventually expanded to all of the other parks. This event blew up over the years, making it the biggest and scariest theme park in history.

Starting on September 17th until October 30th, there were amazing experiences during the Fright Fest. People roam the park with scary costumes chasing people and popping out at them. I think this year was the best out of all the other times. There were a lot of different experiences this year, especially for the rides. There were a lot of people who went to the Fright Fest and actually had a good time.

Besides Fright Fest, there were other Halloween themed events going on in October. A lot of haunted houses, parties all with people dressed in spooky costumes. I would give Fright Fest 4 out of 5 stars.