Zulimar Guajardo

A new hit movie on Netflix is called Hush. Everyone on the internet is talking about it and how it’s one of the best movies on Netflix. Since people were talking about it, I decided to watch it and I liked it.  

The movie was filmed here in the United States and it’s about a young deaf girl who lives on her own.  During one scene when she’s writing her paper because she’s an author she receives messages from her phone to her laptop. Those messages were pictures of her sitting on the couch. She notices that they were taken from her door and when she turns there is no one inside. When she walks to her door, she sees someone standing outside. There is a man with a white mask and he’s just looking at her. A little after that he realizes that she’s deaf and throughout the movie he’s just torturing her. This movie is really suspenseful and I really enjoy those kind of movies. Scary movies are my favorite kind of movie and I rate this movie a 5 out of 5.

I recommend people to watch this movie if you’re into horror or suspense. It has a lot of it and that’s one of the reasons to why I like it. You don’t find many movies that are good and have suspense and are well portrayed.