Getting Accolades at Phoenix

Michael Bahena

Major Ivy Stampley is the new disciplinary coordinator at Phoenix Military Academy. When former Commandant Victor Harris left Phoenix to teach at another school, Phoenix gained  Major.Stampley as his replacement.

“I think it’s getting better. The detention rate is going down. I’m working on suspensions for the cadets who keep showing to detentions and working on transferring them out of Phoenix. I want to get the school at 2% or 1% of bad cadets in the school,” said Stampley.

Major Stampley believes that getting students to behave and coordinating with the military rules is to going to teach them discipline. The discipline she brings to the table is enforcing Friday detentions . Friday detentions consists of 1 hour of physical exercise. The intense exercise will make the students second think their actions because they will not want to spend their Friday exercising.

“The repeat offenders are going to get the white slip out the school. Yes I think it’s a effective way,” said Stampley.

Some students keep getting detentions, but not for long. The repeat  offenders will be kicked out of the school and placed into their neighborhood schools. Phoenix is not playing any games this year. They are  making sure the 4% is out the school. The 4% represent  the  cadets who are not cooperating with the military rules in the school.  Phoenix doesn’t want to deal with the same nonsense. It’s better if they just leave.

“They modified the exercise [Easier way],” said Stampley.

The offenders who are not eligible to do the exercise will have to complete modified exercises.. They will still get there physical training,  but in a easier way. The offenders won’t be able to escape the training because of this health. They got in the trouble and they will pay for it.