Firebird Ballers


Alejandro Pina

It’s that time of the year again. Basketball is going to come knocking at the door. People are getting hyped up for their favorite teams, but 2 cadets at Phoenix Military Academy are getting ready to play it.

Seniors Gregory Boyle (Captain) and Jamell Gooden (Co-Captain) are ready for their last basketball season even before the season had started.
“All summer we were playing, tryouts had started and we have been on the court all week” said Boyle.

“I’ve been attending private workouts and training with different coaches” said Gooden.

They have been ready for a basketball tournament that begins Thanksgiving day. They claim Phoenix Military Academy’s biggest rival is Michelle Clark.

Gregory Boyle will be playing the position of point guard and Gooden will be playing power forward.

“With being a point guard I have to pass the ball to my teammates, it is not only about good plays, but also leadership” said Boyle.

Last season the Phoenix ended up winning conference and only lost 2 games. They are going to work extra hard to play a flawless season and to win conference once more.

Boyle is aiming to be more than just a high school basketball player, he is going to play in college too.

“ I want to get a scholarship for basketball, basketball will not only bring me scholarships. I will get popularity and health.” said Boyle.

Boyle and Gooden will both try to get scholarships for college.