Volleyball Season Struggle!


Zulimar Guajardo

Volleyball Season Struggle!

By: Zulimar Guajardo

Senior Lesley Delgado is on the volleyball team and just played in the 2016 season. This was her last year playing at Phoenix Military Academy. She was one of the two seniors who played on the team this year.

She mentions how the season could have been better if the dedication of the players were to change. She adds how she just wanted to enjoy her last year on the team.

“I feel that the season could have been better if we had more time to play and everyone was there putting all their effort into practice.  Since it was my senior I try to enjoy the best I can because this can be my last year playing volleyball,” said Delgado.

This season was not an easy season for the varsity team. They were able to overcome their difficulties by communicating together during their games because  during their practices that’s what they would do and it would help them a lot.

“The girls just have to play with more confidence and aggressiveness,” said coach Roland Paris.

Coach Paris is the coach of the girls varsity team and he would be there during the practices making sure the girls were working on what was needed for their game of the week.

Delgado will soon be heading off to college and volleyball is a sport she wants to be part of if that’s offered in her future school.

“I always had in mind  playing volleyball in college but I feel that playing volleyball at Phoenix did not really improve my skills,” said Delgado.

After being in the team for three years, Delgado doesn’t feel like she can play volleyball in college because she knows that it’s more serious and hard and she feels like she’s not quite ready for that.