Juniors Perspective On Taking The SAT


Lisset Lott

Juniors Perspective On Taking The SAT     

By: Lisset Lott

The ACT testing has been given to Juniors for so many years but this year, that’s about to change. Juniors now are all taking the SAT, which to many is way more difficult than the ACT.

When asked what their thought on taking the SAT this year,  “I don’t think the juniors should take the SAT this year because since freshman year we were taught ACT strategies and now we are given a different test,” Said Junior Shania Smith.

These juniors feel that maybe taking the SAT can harm them in more than one way from learning new strategies  to testing habits for the ACT.

When asked what have you done to prepare yourself for the SAT they responded with

“I have downloaded an SAT testing app that’ll allow me to estimate my score,” Said Smith.

Even though Juniors don’t want to take the SAT, they still have to prepare for it because it can determine their future. . They have to now look at taking the SAT as if they were taking the ACT.

“ We have to read the question before reading, solve the easiest math problems first and not waste more than a minute on each question,” Said junior Julisa Munoz.

Juniors now would have to work twice as hard because they would have to prepare to take in new strategies of learning for this test. They feel as if the school should help them more with preparation.

“The school has not helped prepare me for the SAT until this year. Only ACT prep was given in the classroom.” Said Smith

The SAT not only affects students but it also affects the teachers with preparing the work to help prepare the student for the SAT.

“I think it’ll affect my confidence in taking the test since I haven’t had enough time to practice for it. However, for me, I will be taking both for a chance to get into a better college,” Said Smith

At the end of the day, the SAT affects both teachers and students because the transition of learning has shifted from what they have been learning for the past 2 years.