Presidential Debate


Joshlynn Murphy

Presidential Debate (T.V. vs Reality)

By: Joshlynn Murphy

On Monday September 26 2016, in Hempstead, NY, there was held the first presidential debate. Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton brought up important information about our economy and how they will make a change in the United States. There were a total of 3 debates and during these debates there were a lot of disagreements and childish behavior between the two candidates.

Americans have their opinion about Trump and Clinton and how they carry themselves.

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“Trump is very vulgar, his whole demeanor and attitude does not fit the requirements of being a president. Clinton is a decent candidate for presidency. Shes very more mannering then Trump and her platform and ideas seem pretty solid,””

— Samuel Ferguson

said Senior Samuel Ferguson.

There’s always two sides of a story. In this case, dealing with the candidates and the debate, you have to see if they both are qualified to run for president on tv and in reality.

“Trump personality stays the same, but if it was to change it’ll be worse. He use to have a TV show and he thinks everything is a game so he wouldn’t be taken serious. Clinton definitely changes, especially when she speaks to the public people, she gives the people what they want to hear vs when she’s off the stage, she has her ways,” said Ferguson.

Recently, there was an old video from 2005 about Donald Trump having a behind the scene “locker room” talk about groping women and etc. Donald Trump mentioned some very inappropriate information about what he does to women on sight. It gave the public a different view about him.Even his republican supporters changed their thoughts about him.

Definitely feel like that this shows how Trump doesn’t have respect for women and how he disregards the well-being of a women,” said Ferguson.

Americans had their thoughts about who to vote for and if they should vote or not. Some people gave their opinion about just not having a president at all. They claim that they should just let the world rome free.

“I think that the US should have a president if no one can choose between Trump and Clinton, just re-elect President Obama another 4 years because he has done a lot for country,” said Ferguson.