Strike 2016

Strike 2016

Ryan Sanchez

It’s final, the teachers have set October 11th for the day of strike. On September 23rd, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), voted whether or not to go on strike. All Chicago Public School teachers had to vote that, and at least 75%  of teachers had to vote yes in order to go on strike. 95 percent voted to do so. If Rahm Emanuel, the mayor, does not make a deal with the teachers, then the strike will definitely happen.

Many people do not understand why the teachers are upset. The teachers are fighting for their pay, their pensions, and the schools’ budgets. This is all because of the budget crisis and bad leadership from the mayor and CPS.

“This is really about how the mayor isn’t providing the proper funding for CPS schools.  He has cut Music, Art, Counselors, Special Education teachers, and librarians, and we have ridiculously overcrowded classrooms!” Said Eric Waller, a teacher at Phoenix.

All three of these factors are needed in order for schools and teachers to perform at their best because without money teachers are mad, without school funding teachers and students can’t get proper education, without pensions there is no point of teachers working.

All the teachers know that the mayor is using taxpayers money to secretly fund his friends and other businesses in order for him to gain more money.

“He has over $1 billion dollars of taxpayer money in the “TIF,” which is basically the mayor’s own personal slush fund that he uses to hook up his wealthy business buddies.  That money is taken directly from the taxpayers, so it should be used for the people of the city,” Said waller.

The strike means that students will be out of school, while the teachers protest. The students will have to make up the school days, possibly missing out on things. The teachers will not get paid for the days they are on strike, but they have to do whatever it take in order to get what they deserve.  However, the strike could be canceled if CPS negotiates with CTU before the strike.

“Please get involved! meet us downtown in the afternoon where all the striking teachers and supporters will converge!  It is inspiring and moving to see what unity and the strength of solidarity look like.  When the people, the media, and the mayor see that the students of this city support the public schools and the teachers, we can have an enormous impact and bring this conflict to a quick conclusion!” said Waller.

Teachers help students make life choices, plan goals, and help with any problems. As human beings, you should help those who help you. So stand up with the teachers!