Meet Mr. Cross

Meet Mr. Cross

Alejandra Olaguez

Phoenix Military Academy welcomed a couple of new faculty members to the Firebird family. Joshua Cross, the new math teacher, has been received with open arms at Phoenix, and hopes to impact students so that they reach an adequate level of confidence.   

Cross started his teaching career in the Florida suburbs of Ft. Lauderdale, and taught there for six years. Cross then moved to Chicago and started teaching at Instituto Health Science Career Academy for four years, which is located in Little Village.

Cross studied as an undergraduate at North Michigan University where he double majored in physical education and mathematics. Cross had planned to become a physical education teacher, but shifted gears and received his Bachelor’s degree to then be a mathematics teacher. Cross then attended Florida Atlantic University where he received his Master’s degree in science and teaching.  

“I look forward to seeing the culture of the school, students, and staff,” said Cross.

Cross seeks student involvement and the demonstration of school pride within the students. He also wants to reach out to any student who is need of help, in regards to their academics. Cross is more than willing to work with the students here at Phoenix and enjoys moments where the student make connections and finally understand the material.

“We will build up confidence and I am here to help students fail, so they can get better at it. It’s about trying harder, and it’s okay to fail because I’ve failed,” said Cross.