A A H H F E S T – 2 0 1 6

A A H H   F E S T  -   2 0 1 6

Diana Guerrero

On September 23, 2016, during formation, Phoenix Military Academy announced the raffle prize for perfect attendance, a chance to win tickets to the AAHH Fest of 2016 presented by Common. Seniors Samuel Ferguson, Edna Gonzales, Aaron Ferguson, Starie Brown, Jonathan Brown-Garcia, sophomores Jeffrey Ren and Tyler Madison were announced as the winners. Samuel was called down to the main office after school to receive his tickets for his perfect attendance. The fest was a new experience.

On Sunday, September 25, the AAHH Fest took place at Union Park. Luckily, Samuel was able to see Chicago rappers such as Vic Mensa, Taylor Bennett and the well-known artist Chance the Rapper.

“The crowd went wild. I was feeling pumped up, enthusiastic, and energetic,” said Ferguson.

The fest was from 11 am to 4 pm; at least five hours long and Samuel was the only one who stayed for most of the time. By the time Chance the Rapper came on the stage, Ren was already gone, and the rest did not attend. Nevertheless, Samuel was not alone during the event.

“I took my friend from Westinghouse with me, she’s also a senior,” said Ferguson.

Ms. Johnson used this contest to encourage students to be on time at school everyday to keep Phoenix’s high attendance rating.