Summer Journalism at the University of Iowa


Jeidy Garcia, Editor

This past summer, seniors from Phoenix Military Academy had the opportunity to attend the University of Iowa for four days.

The seniors were able to take classes based on journalism and how to improve their school yearbook. Senior Mayra Barrios was one of the students who attended this summer trip.
“At Iowa University, students were all divided into groups during class. We were
able to work on the title and important sections of the yearbook,” said Barrios.
Being away from your family is not fun. However, for Barrios it was fun because she was able to have a great experience at Iowa.

“Being able to go to Iowa was a fun experience. Since this was the first time I have been away from my family. I was also able to work with my peers on the yearbook and give us a head start for school,”said Barrios.

Journalism is a career Barrios sees herself studying in the future and she believes that if she has the opportunity she would study at Iowa..

“Yes, I would like to study Journalism at Iowa since they have a building only for journalism,”said Barrios.

Most students thought that the classes were difficult. However, for Barrios that wasn’t a problem.
“We only learn the basics of yearbook such as the ones our journalism teacher Ms.Comeford had shown us. For this reason, the classes weren’t difficult since most of us know how the yearbook works,” said Barrios.

Overall, taking classes on journalism gave Barrios the opportunity to have a headstart on the yearbook. Her experience resulted in her being a journalism editor for Phoenix Military Academy.