PMA Students Attend Summer Journalism Workshop At University Of Iowa


Christian Gutierrez

PMA Students Go To Iowa

By: Christian Gutierrez

On July 24th, 2016 four students from Phoenix Military Academy were selected to attend a summer journalism program at University of Iowa. These students were selected to become yearbook editors for the following  school year. Seniors Alejandra Olaguez, Lesly Alvarez, Mayra Barrios, and Jose Gonzalez went to the program to learn how to improve their school’s yearbook.

The students were instructed by their yearbook adviser, Katie Comeford, to go to this program at Iowa and learn more on how to develope their school’s yearbook. They were able to come up with ideas for their yearbook cover and also develop a plan for upcoming school year.

“ While we were at Iowa, we were able to talk to experts and they helped us develop ideas for a new theme for our yearbook. We came up with a plan on when to start the yearbook and what we would like in it. The program instructors also helped us with asking better questions for quotes to put in our articles,” said junior Jose Gonzalez.

In the week that they were at Iowa, they not only enhanced their yearbook knowledge, but they were also able to have fun and play games. The program instructors wanted the students to be involved in the activities in order for the kids to have a little break. The students enjoyed the games that they were apart of.

“ They kept us very active, whether it was doing things with the yearbook or playing some games to distract us from the work. We played games like a scavenger hunt in where we had to go look for a man that had candy. It was good to have because as students we do get tired of work and need a break,” said Gonzalez.

The students believe that they had a valuable experience at University of Iowa. They hope that the things that they learned from the program instructors will help them improve the work here at PMA. They also want to create a yearbook that they will be apart of as not only editors but as graduating students.