Marathon Runner

Marathon Runner

Jose Gonzalez, Editor

This summer, many students from Phoenix Military Academy were involved in programs that fascinated them, while others went on vacation to experience new things. Junior William Hernandez;s  summer was tough and challenging because he is preparing for the Chicago Marathon on October 9, 2016.

Not many students would put their time aside in order to accomplish the goal of completing one marathon, let alone two. Hernandez, however, used his time this summer to become one of the only cadets from PMA to run a marathon twice. He had tiring practices that he took very seriously. In order to do this marathon he must show his true commitment and dedication to running.

“I run every day of the week in order to prepare. I do not run Sundays, but Saturdays are the most important days. It’s the longest run of the week,” said Hernandez.

There are  only two cadets that will run the  marathon from Phoenix and Hernandez is proud to be one of them. He is proud to do something most cadets would not challenge themselves to do. As one of the runners to represent PMA, he takes this marathon very seriously.

“It feels great knowing that Aldo and I are the only two juniors or cadets doing the marathon. We do our best to represent PMA and do well,” said Hernandez.

He wants to be able to do more marathons and explained how this will help him continue running. He plans to do more running after high school as well.

“Of course I want to keep running after high school. My goal is to run the Boston Marathon soon and the Olympic Marathon trials. I will continue pushing to complete these goals,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez  finished the marathon last year  representing  PMA. On October 9, 2016, PMA will be represented by him again and junior Aldo Rojas. The time and effort that he has put into practice makes him feel confident that he will  finish the marathon faster this year.