Abigail Smith, Editor


This school year, Phoenix Military Academy has a new sheriff in town. Major Ivy Stampley has joined the Firebird family starting this September and she definitely intends to stay.

Major Stampley has moved here from the the Lindblom Math and Science Academy High School in the Western Englewood neighborhood. Phoenix offered her a position as the new commandant after the old commandant Colonel Harris decided to take another job opportunity.

“I was offered a position at Phoenix and I always wanted to be a commandant,” said Stampley.

In the next years, the Major is hoping to bring PMA’s behavior issues down to zero. She wants to make sure that the students at Phoenix hold a behavior that matches the school’s Level 1+ standards. She hopes that in the next few years she will be able to move Phoenix from number eight in the state to number one, both academically and militarily.

Major Stampley is hopeful for her incoming students and truly believes that they will represent the Phoenix name with pride.

“So far they [the freshman class] are outstanding and I have had no issues with the new classes,” said Stampley.

She hopes she will be able to get the future cadets into as many service academies and show Phoenix’s proud side. Major Stampley wants to help Phoenix in the best way possible.

“I want to be a mentor and a person to look for for guidance,” said Stampley.

It’s safe to say that Phoenix will definitely be in very good hands in the years to come, especially with someone like Major Stampley.