PMA Takes STEM To Another Level

Coraima Sanchez

PMA Takes STEM To Another Level
By: Coraima Sanchez

This year, Phoenix Military Academy provided their prepsters with a brand new Science Technology Engineering Math lab. Juniors America Sanchez and Reyna Moreno share their thoughts on the new lab.

“The new STEM lab has a lot of space. Not only that, but my favorite thing of all is that we have a 3D printer. I am so excited to use this in the future. We already started using it and it’s pretty cool. It’s one of the best things that has been provided at Phoenix,” said Junior Sanchez.

Many students at PMA believe that this lab opens the doors for students to acquire more knowledge about the STEM field. This helps them have multiple options for deciding what they want to study after high school.

“Some of the most highest paying jobs are in the STEM field. This lab gives others the opportunity to have skills that others don’t have. I am taking advantage of this class because it is something to take into consideration for what I might want to study,” said Junior Moreno.

Although the positives weigh out the negatives, there are some juniors who have one thing to complain about: there are 37 people in one class with one teacher.

“Yeah, the class is big, but there is too many people. There is only so much we can do with 37 people. I wish they split the class and hire another teacher. That would make things so much easier and less crowded,” said America Sanchez

The new Engineering Lab at PMA has certainly proven to be a great addition to their classes. This will help students acquire more resources to develop basic skills in the STEM field.