Rematch at the Finals

Xavier Martinez

The stage for the NBA finals are finally set and will be begin on Thursday June 2nd 2016 at Oracle Arena. The Golden State Warriors completed their comeback against the Oklahoma City Thunder after trailing the series 3-1. They showed why they are the defending champions and will return to the finals for the second year in a row. It seems that everyone has been waiting for this finals rematch, which will include the Warriors and a healthy Cleveland Cavaliers team.

Last year the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cavs in 6 games, but Cleveland did not have two of their all stars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. LeBron James had to carry the team on his back and showed why he is still one of the most dominant players in the league. Many people believe that the Warriors championship run last season was pure luck because they ran into so many injured teams.

Now Golden State will have the opportunity to prove everyone wrong and will be looking to repeat as NBA champions. Numerous critics believe that Cleveland would have defeated the Warriors last season if they remained healthy, and we will finally be able to see if it’s true. Although the Cavs have dominated the playoffs, they play in the Eastern Conference which is by far less superior to the West. On the other hand the Warriors are the best team in NBA history and are looking to cap off their historic season with a championship.

People are aware that this will be LeBron’s 7th NBA final, but he is only 2-4 throughout his career. All the pressure will be on his shoulders to deliver a championship to Cleveland and if he fail, it can have a negative impact on his legendary career. We are in store for an NBA finals that will be remembered for years to come, which includes the King LeBron James, and the unanimous MVP Stephen Curry.