Prepsters Succeed in Ohio


Kimberly Huerta

At Phoenix, the sophomore Prepsters were able to participate in a soapbox competition and in this competition they had an opportunity to race in cars that they had built themselves.

“The purpose of this trip was to race the cars we built at the soapbox and compete with other schools,” said sophomore William Hernandez.

Although it was a challenging, it was also enjoyable for them to be able to ride the cars and also cruise around the state of Ohio. The purpose of this trip was for the sophomores to compete against other schools and be able to see how the cars they had built did against others.

“What I liked about this trip was that we were able to ride on the cars down the hill,” said sophomore Alma Sebastian.

Going to Ohio on a trip for the competition had its exciting parts, but they also had a had to focus on when they went on that trip. It was terrifying for some of the sophomores because they had tried out the car before, but they had never taken it down hill and they were afraid of what might happen, although they had taken precautions.

“We went to race with the self made cars and compete with other schools so that we can make it to at least 2nd or 1st place,” said Sebastian.

All prepsters had the opportunity to go on this trip and most enjoyed the experience. They made it to third place and they were proud that they were able to ride in their cars and make it safely to the end of the competition.

“I was the back-up driver for the main driver,” said Sebastian.

This trip also gave them the opportunity to go to the Rock and Roll  and NFL Hall of Fame which the students really enjoyed exploring.