Phoenix Golden Apple Stars

Kimberly Huerta

There are two students in PMA that were interested in applying for the Golden Apple for the reason being that they wanted to become teachers. Seniors Jonathan Trujillo and Sulleiny Maldonado both had the goal of trying to get this scholarship so that their plans go well.

“This scholarship will help me accomplish my goal to become a teacher and support me throughout four years,” said senior Sulleiny Maldonado.

Becoming a teacher is Maldonado’s biggest goal and getting the scholarship would be opening big opportunities for her so that her goal is accomplished.

“I am really happy to be a Golden Apple Scholar because this scholarship gives me a job for five years after college,” said Maldonado.

Although Sulleiny was worried about getting the scholarship or not at first, so was senior Jonathan Trujillo.

Jonathan Trujillo planned to get the scholarship for the same reason, but had his doubts about whether he would get it or not.

“I didn’t expect to get the scholarship to be honest because I felt like I didn’t do so good on the interview, and when I seen the type of students that applied, I just thought that my chances of getting this scholarship were slim,” said Trujillo.

Trujillo was concerned about this scholarship and although he had his doubts, he ended up getting the scholarship and was astonished.

“I was excited because I knew that it would be easier for me now to accomplish my goals,” said Trujillo.

This scholarship was a big deal for both Trujillo and Maldonado because now it has become a bit easier for them both to get a step closer into accomplishing their goals.