Gregory Boyle

After all the preparation the school and juniors have done, they are now relieved that the ACT over. Juniors from Phoenix are elated and hope scores come back.

“I feel pretty good about the ACT being over, it was kind of challenging and I’m glad it’s over with,” said junior Joshlynn Murphy.

Teachers from Phoenix did many ACT packets to prepare students for the real test and the junior class is grateful for the extra programs and help the staff gave.  

“Some teachers did a very good job on preparing us and that’s the reason why I felt like I did good on the test,” said junior Jamell Gooden.

Phoenix Military is working hard to overcome the last ACT average composite that the seniors established, so they tried to get all the help the juniors could get. Everybody is depending on the Juniors to put the school over the average of a 20, which brings a lot of stress on the upcoming seniors.  

“All the stress is gone and I feel relieved, so now I don’t have to worry about the ACT, I can just finish out the year strong” said Gooden.

ACT brought a lot of worrying and stress to the Junior class so now that it’s over everyone feel relieved and can now focus on their grades. Juniors are now waiting on the ACT scores to come back so they can start applying for colleges to prepare their bright futures.