A new journey begins

Kimberly Huerta

As a senior, the college that they choose to attend is where their future begins. On Thursday May 26th, the seniors that have decided to stay on campus for college were taken on a trip to Malcolm X to gain more knowledge on how their college experience might be like, while being away from home.

“I feel very excited to live on my own and be able to make life choices without always having my parents to rely on,” said senior Alejandra Melesio.

Melesio will be attending U of I at Urbana Champaign this upcoming fall. Although,this is a new adjustment, Melesio is excited to be away and be independent. However, there will also be some things that she will miss about Chicago.

“I will miss the big city where there is so much to do and see. I can never get tired of Chicago,” said Melesio.

Living in Chicago for so long and exploring the big city where there is so much to see is something that she will miss. While leaving Chicago will be a new big change, there can also be some challenges that might have to be overcame with her staying at U of I.

“I think one of my biggest challenges will be to learn how to manage so much free time and not having my parents to always telling me what to do,” said Melesio.

There are many reasons why seniors decide that staying on campus is best for them, but according to Melesio it is getting away from family.

“I decided to stay on campus because I wanted to be away from my family and get the college experience,” said Melesio.

As a senior and ready to be on her own, she has learned about the advantages of staying away and it will be very exciting for her. She will be ready for the fall of 2016.