A loss at Sectionals

Mayra Barrios

The Phoenix Military Academy girls soccer team lost their State Sectional game against Westmont. Their sectionals was held on May 17, 2016.

“I believe we could have won if we didn’t give up after the first shot,” said Junior Maria Reyes

Although the team left with a lost, hey still came home with excitement that they made it this far.

“For the seniors it was a memorable game that will leave with them,”  said sophomore Natalie Gonzalez  

This is the very first time the girls brought a trophy home in about three years.

“The goal this season was to double the wins from last year games, this year the girls soccer team surpass that,” said Junior Christian Gutierrez.

The score was three to zero and if it wasn’t for the goalie it would have been ten to zero.

“Julissa was doing a great job, even if we were losing she never gave up,”said junior Mayra Aguilar.

The formation played by the opposite team was different from our formation which could of been a big disadvantage.