Closing Up High School

Giovanny Cornelio

As final week is approaching many seniors are trying to make the last effort to improve their grades. Everyone is pushing to finishing the school year long and getting the best grades possible so they can still attend their college they have selected. All seniors are glad to finishing high school to move on to college or service.

The seniors are expected to do something after high school most of them will attend college and other are going into the service or a job but they have to do something.

“ I am focused on pre calculus class because i am struggling but i am looking forward to finishing high school. I will be attending University of Illinois at urbana- champaign as a freshman to start my post secondary education.  I am nervous going to college but i am ready to take the challenge i will face” said senior Xavier Martinez.

Senior Martinez is a great example of how students at Phoenix are successful in getting into very selective colleges.     

“I will be going into the service after high school. I decided to go into the Marines because i want to better myself. I want to do something not many can do so that’s why i enlisted in the marines. I actually just want to graduate already so I can start my service. Finals week is just like another week at school nothing special” said senior Christopher Reyes.

Many seniors are going to do good things after high school. Most of them are going to prestigious colleges like West point. Phoenix is preparing us for the future and it will continue every year