A new experience

Military Ball for the Freshman presents a new opportunity for fun

Samuel Ferguson

On May 20, 2016, PMA’s annual Military Ball was held at the Mayfield Banquet hall located in Chicago. Military ball invites cadets from all grade levels. However, it is mostly populated by eager freshmen who are excited to attend and experience the events that occur at Military Ball for the first time.

“Before military ball took place I was excited to witness not only the formal portion, but all of the fun and dancing that would happen”, said Freshman Jazzlyn Gavina.

Military Ball consists of a formal portion in which the colors are posted, the grog is produced, and the guest speaker gives a speech. Afterwards, cadets are able to enjoy themselves with their friends and dance the night away. During the informal portion, the Military Ball Court is also chosen.

Jazzlyn Gavin won a position in the court as Lady.

“I was surprised yet happy that I won court because many people took their time to vote for me which is something that I appreciate”, said Gavina.

Overall, Military Ball for freshmen is always a memorable experience.

“Attending military ball was very fun for me because I was able to experience the formal ceremony for the first time, conversate with friends, and dance like I’ve never danced before”, said Freshman Stoykof Nunez.